Achievements of Pakistan Peoples Party


Democratic government’s Achievements include:

  1. Revival of the 1973 Constitution
  2. ü Constitution empowerment of Gilgit-Baltistan
  3. ü Consensus approval of 7th NFC Award
  4. ü Self sufficiency in wheat production
  5. Consensus approval of 18th Constitutional Amendment
  6. New record of US$24billion exports
  7. Transfer of Presidential powers to the office of the Prime Minister and the Parliament
  8. New record of US$17 billion foreign Reserves
  9. Financial and Administration empowerment Of provinces
  10. Distribution of 12%share of 80 government Institutions among 5 lac workers through BESOS
  11. Initiation of Aghaz-e-Haqooq-Balochistan Package
  12. Financial Protection of 50 lac poor families through Benazir Income Support Program

Pakistan Peoples Party’s Program for Baluchistan & Prosperity for its people!

Now/ being implemented on a priority basic!

  1. Historic Constitutional Amendments;
  2. Removal 4th and 6th schedule from The constitution 
  3. Increase of Baluchistan’s share from 5.1%to 9.1%in the 7th NFC Award
  4. Allocation of 90% quota for Baluchistan in all Jobs at Gwadar Port
  5. 56% contract awarded to local contractors at Gwadar

Economic Reforms

  1. Payment of Rs. 2 billions as well as 1st installment of Rs .
  2. 10 billions out of Rs. 120 billion provincial dues by the federal Government
  3. Transfer of 30% shareholding, out of the federal Government’s 50% Shareholding in Saindak project to Baluchistan.
  4. Leveling of 10,000 acres of land to be irrigated with Mirani Dam Construction of canals.
  5. Development of 1670 acres of land to be irrigated with subakzai Dam 31 out of 34 canals constructed
  6. Completion of 70% works on Gwadar-Turbat-hoshab road 73% of Qaba Saeed khan Road – both roads to be completed by 2012
  7. Approval of Rs. 4.25 billion for NLC in Baluchistan by the prime Minister PC-1 for rehabilitation of Bostaan-Zhob rail link, laying of broad-gage from Zhob-Dl Khan to Kotla jam Parri.
  8. Scholarship for 16450 students from Baluchistan.
  9. Distribution of Rs.4.25 billion among 1,40,633 underprivileged families In Bulishtan under BISP.
  10. Admission and free education and boarding for 150 students from 30 Districts of Baluchistan to Pakistan’s top boarding schools by the Prime Minister.
  11. Establishment of IT centers in 30 district at a cost of Rs. 1.5 billion.
  12. State-of-the-art fiber optic network to connect far-flung areas of the province at a cost of Rs .1 billion.
  13. Appointment of officers from Baluchistan at the federal secretariat per the provincial quota.
  14. Relaxation of employment rules for Coast Guards.
  15. 100 of Baluchistan Resident employment.
  16. Appointment of 118 Engineers from Baluchistan at Gwadar Port.
  17. Appointment of 117 successful candidates at NBP.  
  18. Employment 5000 graduates in provincial Government; federal Government to fund these opportunities for 4 consecutive year.

Political Executive Reforms 

  1. Conversion of “B” Areas to “A” Areas.
  2. Withdrawal of cases against 172 political workers out of a total of 183 cases.
  3. Deployment of FC and recall of Army.
  4. Removal of 35 non-border FC posts.
  5. 10 posts of Coast Guards at Gwadar now non-functional.

Pakistan Peoples Party will continue its efforts for a happy and prosperous Baluchistan. Under 18th and 19th Amendments the provinces of Pakistan are more empowered than ever.

Source: Farahnaz Ispahani Blog

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