Cutlery exports post 2.85pc growth in seven months


The exports of cutlery goods from the country during the first seven months of current financial year posted a growth of 2.85 percent as compared to the same period of last year.
Cutlery goods worth US$ 48.39 million exported during the period from July- January, 2012-13 over US$ 47.05 million of the corresponding period of last FY.
On-month on month basis, the export of cutlery goods grew by 13.42 percent during the month of January 2013 as compared to the same month of last financial year and recorded at US$ 6.91 million in the month under review as against US$ 6.09 million of January 2012.
According the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the exports of surgical goods and medical instruments witnessed slight decrease of 2.58 percent in their exports during the period under review.
The exports of surgical goods and medical instruments recorded at US$ 170.44 million during last seven months of FY, 2012-13 which stood at US$ 174.97 million in same period of last FY.
However, onyx manufactured exports increased by 53.58 percent and reached to 1,988 metric tons worth US$ 6.73 million over the proceedings of 1,486 metric tons costing US$ 4.38 million of corresponding period of last financial year.
During the period from July-January, 2012-13, exports of fertilizers manufactured witnessed robots growth and increased by 554.55 percent over the exports of last year.
The country earned US$ 0.144 million by exporting about 393 metric tons of fertilizers as against 65 metric tons worth US$ 0.22 million of July-January, 2012, it added.
Over the corresponding period of last year the exports of pharmaceutical products increased by 1.82 percent as 9,913 metric tons of pharmaceutical products worth US$ 85.84 million exported.

Copyright APP (Associated Press of Pakistan), 2013

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