Senior ANP leaders announce to join PPP


Senior ANP leader and city councilor Al-hajj Shamsudin and Sharfuddin from Anarkali Bazar, Peshawar announced to join Pakistan Peoples Party.

The announcement was made in a press conference in Peshawar in the presence of Health Minister, Syed Zahir Ali Shah and Peshawar city President Zulfiqar Afghani.

Other provincial leaders including General Secretary Peshawar City Akbar Khan and Malik Haroon were also present on this occasion.

Provincial Health Minister, Syed Zahir Shah welcomed both in the party.

Shamsuddin, who besides, City Councilor was also patron of ANP, Union Council, Shaheen Muslim Town and a former district councilor announced that he along with his friends, relatives and associates tendering resignation from his old party and joining PPP.

He also pledged that he will work for the strengthening of PPP with the same zeal and spirit as he had carried it for ANP.

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One Response to Senior ANP leaders announce to join PPP

  1. shakeel Ahmed Orakzai says:

    We join ao pakistan peoples party

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